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A space to reconnect, and restore your energy.


Treating the body with a holistic approach, Sculpt provides integrative wellness treatments, relieving both the body and the mind. 


Sculpt treatments work with the deeper structures of the face and body, where emotions are held, to release tension and restore balance.


Emotions and trauma are often held in the fascia, muscles and tissue of the body and can present through expression lines and wrinkles. By releasing the muscle and fascia, reducing blockages of fluid and increasing circulation within the skin, we are assisting in releasing these emotions, resulting in a more balanced face.

Image by Dainis Graveris


buccal massage

Sculpt is one of only 5 practitioners in Geelong to offer the sculptural face lift. This unique treatment is designed to work on the muscle, fascia, ligaments and bone of the face to create a lifting effect in the skin.

The sculptural face lift is a multi-faceted anti-ageing treatment that targets lymph drainage and muscle tension release. Working with multiple systems of the face and body, this treatment includes intra oral massage to sculpt from within the face (also known as buccal massage).


An alternative to botox, buccal massage not only delivers outstanding results aesthetically but also works on releasing emotions held within the face, providing a holistic approach to wellbeing.

lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage helps to drain the toxins and release fluid held in the body, resulting in a healthier environment. This technique reduces puffiness and increases blood circulation, providing nutrient-rich and oxygenated blood to the facial tissues. The overall effect is a more sculpted and rejuvenated face.


With a passion for health and wellness, Emma has gained extensive knowledge over the last 7 years that led to the creation of Sculpt Face and Body. Having always had a touch for massage, she intuitively tunes into your body to find and release tension. 

Currently undertaking her Bachelor of Chinese Medicine, Emma takes a holistic approach to wellness based on the concepts and philosophy in Chinese medicine, that emotions cause disease. By addressing the emotional and physical aspects of wellness, the unique offerings at Sculpt aim to create a connection between the body and the mind. 

Emma believes in a collaborative approach to client care, and educating clients for self-empowerment. Sculpt provides natural solutions for those wanting to look after their appearance and wellness. 

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