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Why proper hydration is essential for stress and tension in the body

Adequate water consumption, including essential minerals, has a significant impact on fascia health and tension in your body. Staying hydrated ensures your fascia remains hydrated, contributing to its flexibility and pliability.

Massage techniques on the fascia are not just about stretching or loosening the tissue, but also focus primarily on increasing the hydration of the fascia. The application of pressure will 'squeeze' the water out of the fascia, and it is then reabsorbed back into the fascia in higher quantities, allowing pliability and loosening of the fascia.

• Keeping hydrated allows the bodies tissues to remain pliable and flexible, reducing tension.

• Simply hydrating with water might not cut it! Adding some structure to your water with minerals allows the water to be accepted by the cells, increasing systemic hydration much more.

A simple way you can try this is by adding some high-quality salt to your water.

Give it a go, and let me know if you feel the difference!


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